A to Z of Guest Services and Helpful Information
Activities and Attractions

Rarotonga offers guests a wide range of attractions and activities. For a taster see the Tourism Cook Islands things to do web page  .


Kia Orana Luxury Villas are approximately 5 minutes from Rarotonga International Airport.
  • Air New Zealand                                      26300
  • Air Rarotonga/Jet Star/Virgin          22888

Alcohol and Non-alcoholic Beverages

The duty-free stores in the arrivals area at Rarotonga Airport at the cheapest price to buy alcoholic beverages, and according to some, the prices there are cheaper than at duty-free in Auckland. 

On Rarotonga, the best range and best prices can be found Monday to Saturday at:
  • The Bond Liquor Store (opposite the Punanga Nui Markets)                          21007        
  • CITC Liquor, Panama          28380 

It can also be purchased at most grocery stores and dairies from Monday to Saturday.

The best ranges of non-alcoholic beverages can be found at:
  • CITC Supermarket, Panama               2700.
  • Foodland, Avarua                                     23378 
  • Manea Foods, Nikao (a more limited range, but also open on Sundays)                                    29806
  • Wimores Super Store in Titikaveka (which is also open on Sundays)                                   20206 

ATM's are located outside ANZ Bank, Avarua, and Bank of South Pacific, Avarua


Trader Jacks, which overlooks Avarua harbour, is a must to visit It has a good range of drinks, great service, live music some evenings, and a restaurant upstairs. 


2 p.m. (or earlier by arrangement. Arrangements must be made before arrival).


10 a.m. (or later by arrangement. Arrangements must be made before arrival).

Chemist (Pharmacy)

  • CITC Pharmacy, Avarua                        29292
          Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Saturday 9           a.m. to 1 p.m.
          (after hours emergencies                      29294)
  • Pharmacy Health & Beauty, Nikao   24072
          (near Oasis Petrol Station)                 

Coffee/tea making facilities

are provided in every Villa. Complimentary tea bags, ground coffee, 1 liter of milk, and sugar are provided. Should you run out of tea bags, ground coffee, or sugar please contact us. Additional milk and other groceries need to be purchased by guests.

Cooking and food preparation

Our Villas all have full kitchens, so you can enjoy meals in your Villa. 

All Villas also have a Webber barbecue which for safety reasons must only be used only on the deck. If it is used in the Villa the costs of cleaning the smoke smells and any damage will be charged to the guest. 

Credit Cards

Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted for accommodation payments so long as credit card details are provided when you book your accommodation.


There are many hiking, walking and cycling trails in and around Rarotonga. Ride Rarotonga, Avarua +682 2 RIDE (27433) [email protected] have mountain and road bikes for hire.

Cyclone Information

For cyclone information listen to your radio or watch your television. For further information ring:
Emergencies 999
National Emergency Operation Centre 22 261
Emergency Management Cook Islands 29609 or 54005
Hospital 22 664
Rescue Fire Services 25 890 or 55893

Evacuation centers will open in the event of a cyclone. Our nearest ones are Nikao Hall (Tel: 20 318) and Tereora College (Tel: 23 820), Ensure that each person in your care has sufficient food, water and warm clothing to last 24 hours. 

Dentist (Dental Surgeon)

Philip Nicholas BDS (New Zealand), Nikao 20169

Double Glazing and Insect Screens

All Kia Orana Luxury Villas provide the added comfort of full double glazing and insect screens. Please keep them closed at all times.

Dry Cleaning

Snowbird Laundry and Dry Cleaners has 1-day laundry and dry cleaning service at its main plant in Arorangi (Tel: 20-952) and a small laundry opposite Avatiu Harbour (Tel: 21-952). It will pick up and deliver if you call in advance.

Electric Current (Voltage)

230 volt - do not plug in chargers or appliances rated 110 or below unless there is a manual or auto switch to 200+ volts.

Earthquake Procedures

During an Earthquake:

If Inside:
Keep calm.
Move away from windows
Walk, and never run.
Stay indoors unless otherwise directed by the Person in Charge.
Take cover under solid furniture or doorways.
Move away from anything that could fall on someone.

If Outdoors:
Stay clear of buildings, trees, high walls, electricity lines and anything that could fall on you.

If evacuated, remain at the assembly point in the Kia Orana Villas carpark, or as directed by
the Person in Charge, until the all clear is given.     

Emergency Information

Dial 999 where you will be directed to the service required: Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade. Should you be asked, the address to quote is Kia Orana Villas, 2 Ariki Road, Atupa, Avatiu.

Emergency Lighting

All villas have matches and candles.

Etiquette and Customs

Dress in the Cook Islands is informal except in Parliament, Court, and Church. Shorts of respectable length (that is, not of the short-short variety) can be worn during the day by both men and women, but beach attire should stay at the beach. Nudity is illegal, as is topless sunbathing. The colorful wraparound pareu is popular with local women. Evenings from May to September can be cool, so trousers, skirts, light jackets, sweaters, or wraps are in order after dark.

Embassies and Consulates

The New Zealand High Commissioner's office is at the traffic circle in Avarua, but no other foreign government maintains an embassy or consulate here. In case of a problem, seek advice from the travel facilitation and consular officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Tel: 20-507). 

Evacuation Procedure

In the event of an evacuation please assemble in the carpark. In the event of a tsunami warning please proceed up Ariki Road to the high ground.


All suites are equipped with sensitive smoke detectors that when triggered sound a loud alarm. PLEASE EVACUATE YOUR SUITE IMMEDIATELY on hearing the alarm and ring the Fire Brigade on 999. The assembly point is in the carpark.


The closest petrol station is Pandanas Petrol & Oil (Tel: 21376) at the beginning of Avatiu Road, opposite Avatiu Harbour. The closest after-hours petrol station is Oasis Energy in Nikao (Tel: 22145).


The Rarotonga Golf Club in Nikao http://www.rarotonga.nzgolf.net/ (Tel: 20 621), is about 10 minutes away from the Kia Orana Villas, and has a 9 hole course.  


There is no on-site hairdresser. Rarotonga has a number of very good hairdressing salons.


There is a hairdryer in all Villas.


As part of our Going Green effort Villas are cleaned and/or serviced prior to your stay and after your stay.

Should you wish your Villa to be cleaned and serviced during your stay the cost is $20 per day. Please let us know before you arrive whether you wish your Villa to be cleaned and serviced, and how often you wish to have it cleaned abd serviced. If you are happy to re-use your towels, simply hang them on bathroom rails. Housekeeping generally commences after 10 am (guest check out time).

​​​Internet Access

Internet access for Kia Orana Villa guests is via Bluesky's hotspot at the Whale Centre. You must buy a prepaid wireless access card, available from Bluesky (including in the arrivals area at the International Airport) and many shops. The cards start at NZ$15 for 50 megabytes of downloaded data (they're priced by the amount of data moved, not access time). Wi-Fi-capable laptops/smart phones can tune in to hot spots in Bluesky's two offices and at Avatiu Harbour, the airport, the Whale Centre and a number of other locations around Rarotonga. 

Avarua has several cybercafes including Bluesky (Tel: 29-680;  www.bluesky.co.ck), the country's sole communications provider. It has access in its main office and in its TelePost outlet in the C.I.T.C. shopping center (Tel: 29-940). The main office is open 24 hours a day. TelePost is open Monday to Friday 8a.m. to 4:30p.m. and Saturday 8:30a.m. to noon. Access at both costs NZ$6 for 30 minutes.

Iron/ironing board

are provided in your Villa.


A washing machine, dryer, and washing powder are provided in your Villa. 

Libraries and Museums

The Cook Islands Library and Museum (Tel: 26-468), in Avarua near the Cook Islands Christian Church, is open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with additional hours on Tuesday from 4 to 8 p.m. The library and museum have a fine collection of works on the South Pacific, including many hard-to-find books.

Liquor Laws

The legal drinking age is 21.  


Cook Islands Post is located at the traffic circle in Avarua. Hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm and Saturday 8 am to noon. There is no mail delivery, so every address includes a post office box.

Medical services

A range of medical and dental services are available on Rarotonga, which include a Hospital behind the golf course (Tel: 22-664, or 998 in case of emergency). It has a 24-hour emergency room and is 10 minutes away from Kia Orana Villas.

There are an optometrist, two pharmacies, and physiotherapists are also available.

While there are no venomous snakes, and most of the insects are innocuous, look out for centipedes which do bite. The coral reefs should be treated with caution.

Visitors pay for their own medical costs in the Cook Islands, including ambulance fees (about $800), and the costs of medical evacuation to New Zealand (which will cost many thousands of dollars if a private ambulance plane is required - which must be pre-paid) if specialist care is required. We recommend visitors take out health insurance to cover unexpected medical costs.

If an emergency should occur during your stay, the emergency services number is 999.


The Cook Islands News www.cookislandsnews.com which is published Monday to Saturday and the Cook Islands Herald www.ciherald.co.ck which is published weekly can be purchased at dairies, supermarkets, Bounty Bookshop, and CITC Shopping Center. 

Radio and Television Channels

Rarotonga has one AM radio station and one FM radio station. Programming is in both English and Maori. One TV channel broadcast news, entertainment, and innumerable rugby games.

Restaurants and Cafes

Recommended Cafes for breakfast and/or lunch near our Villas are:
  • Punanga Nui Markets on Saturday mornings. A chance to mix and mingle with the locals, purchase your vegetables, fruit. fish and bread, and enjoy a range of breakfast food. A must visit venue.
  • The Waffle Shack, Avarua
  • Cafe Salsa, Avarua
  • Cafe Jireh (opposite the airport)
  • The Cafe, Avarua (inside the Beachcomber)
  • The Mooring, Ngatangi'ia, for lunch. A bit further to go but by far the best fresh fish sandwiches I have ever had. Absolutely delicious.
  • Trader Jacks for lunch.
  • Tamarind House Restaurant for lunch.

Recommended restaurants for diner near our Villas are:
  • Tamarind House Restaurant. Our perdonal favourite.
  • Trader Jacks.


The same precautions should be taken as you would take in other countries. Assaults occur mainly outside bars/nightclubs, and rapes also occur (you should never walk home on your own in the dark). Burglaries and other property thefts occur, so do not leave valuables in your Villa room or your belongings unattended anywhere. Please keep your Villa room locked whenever you leave the Villa.


Smoking is not allowed in your suite, or on your deck. Kia Orana Vilas is a smoke-free resort.


The best ranges of food, groceries and non-alcoholic beverages can be found at:
  • CITC Supermarket, Panama               2700.
  • Foodland, Avarua                                     23378 
  • Manea Foods, Nikao (a more limited range, but also open on Sundays)                  29806
  • Wimores Super Store in Titikaveka (which is also open on Sundays)                          20206   
         Wigmores have the best range of health foods and gluetin free foods. They also have a good range of fresh fruit and vegetables.          

Taxi & Transport Services

Taxis operate in Rarotonga.

Cook Islands Bus Passenger Transport Limited (Tel: 25512) operate a round the island bus service. 


Telephone service is provided throughout the country by Bluesky (Tel: 29-680;  www.bluesky.co.ck). Although calls are exorbitantly expensive, it's a modern system.

To call the Cook Islands: Dial the international access code (011 from the U.S.; 00 from the U.K., Ireland, or New Zealand; or 0011 from Australia), the Cook Islands country code 682, and the local number (there are no area codes within the Cook Islands).

To make international calls from within the Cook Islands: First dial 00, then the country code (U.S. or Canada 1, U.K. 44, Ireland 353, Australia 61, New Zealand 64), and then the area code and phone number.

To make domestic calls within the Cook Islands: No prefix or area code is required for domestic long distance calls, so dial the local number.

For directory assistance: Dial tel. 010 for domestic information, tel. 017 for international numbers.

For operator assistance: Dial tel. 010 for operator assistance in making a local call, tel. 015 for the international operator.

Pay phones: Public payphones use a Kia Orana prepaid card. Cards are sold in NZ$5, NZ$10, NZ$20, and NZ$50 denominations at Bluesky offices and many shops.

Cellphones: Bluesky rents mobile phones, and it sells prepaid SIM cards for unlocked GSM cell phones and airtime cards.


Local time is 10 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. That's 1 hour ahead of New Zealand during standard time, and 2 hours during daylight saving. It is 2 hours behind California during standard time, and 3 hours during daylight saving time. The Cook Islands are on the east side of the international date line, which puts them in the same day as the United States, and a day behind Australia and New Zealand.


Tipping is now considered normal in Rarotonga. It used to be considered contrary to the Polynesian way of life.


If there is a tsunami threat the National Disaster sirens will be activated.

If they are activated:
  • If you are at Kia Orana Villas, go calmly to the assembly area in the Kia Orana Villas carpark, then move quickly to higher ground up Ariki Road in your car if you have one.
  • If you are elsewhere move quickly to the nearest high ground following the nearest Tsunami evacuation signs. Do not stay at the beach. Do not stay in low lying areas.

Do not leave the tsunami evacuation area until it is announced by the authorities that it is safe to leave. Tsunami come in several waves with time gaps between the waves.   


While Kia Orana Villas water is filtered, and most is collected from our roofs, it is topped up as required by town supply water. It is not treated and can become slightly muddy after periods of heavy rain. We recommend that you boil it in the electric jug in your Villa.

Weights and Measures

The Cook Islands use the metric system.