Kia Orana Villas tsunami and eathquake evacuation procedures
  1. If there is a threat of a Tsunami the National Disaster sirens will be activated to warn everyone to move to higher ground.
  2. If the National Disaster sirens is activated, move calmly to the Kia Orana Villas carpark which is the designated assembly area, then wait for further instructions from our staff. If no staff are present then you should move quickly to higher ground up Ariki Road in your car if you have one (which is the road running past Kia Orana Villas). Do not go to the beach to confirm or to watch the tsunami. Do not stay in low lying areas such as the Ara Metua (Back Road).
  3. If you are at a beach and the sea level has receded, exposing fish and coral, then you should move quickly to the nearest high ground following the nearest Tsunami evacuation signs. Do not stay at the beach. Do not stay in low lying areas.
  4. During a tsunami stay calm and do not panic. Do not leave the tsunami evacuation area until it is officially announced by the authorities that it is safe to leave the evacuation area. A tsunami will come in several waves and there are time gaps between the waves.
  5. During a tsunami emergency please follow the instructions of police and other emergency organisation, and give them your full cooperation.

Earthquake Emergency Response Procedures

During an Earthquake:
  1. If Inside
Keep calm.
Move away from windows
Walk; never run.
Stay indoors unless otherwise directed by the Person in Charge.
Take cover under solid furniture or doorways.
Move away from anything that could fall on someone.

2. If Outdoors:
Stay clear of buildings and tall structures, trees, high walls, electricity lines –anything that could fall on someone.
If evacuated, remain at the assembly point in the Kia Orana Villas carpark, or as directed by the Person in Charge, until the all clear is given.