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Kia orana We understand that traveling can be exhausting, especially when you arrive late at night or early in the morning. That's why we're excited to offer you a variety of arrival platters, available from Tuesday to Sunday (public holidays excluded), so you can unwind and enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your villa. To ensure that we can provide you with the best service possible, please make sure to pre-book your arrival platter at least 1 business day before your arrival. We also offer a breakfast menu with a selection of cooked items that can be reheated in your villa's microwave or oven. All of our items are freshly prepared and delivered to your villa's fridge before you arrive. We want your stay to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or special requests. We can't wait to help make your stay at Kia Orana Villas unforgettable.

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Kia Orana Cafe Arrival Platters

All prices are in NZ$

Deluxe Continental Breakfast 


NZ$20 per adult and NZ$15 per child under 13

Breakfast meal plan (Pre-purchase 1 breakfast for each day of your stay): NZ$16 per adult and NZ$12 per child under 13  


Bakery basket including bread, pastries, and croissants.

Butter, margarine, marmalade, and jam 

Seasonal fruit

Cereal (in half a pawpaw subject to availability of pawpaws)

Assorted yogurt (1 per guest)

Milk and almond milk

Orange, apple and cranberry juice

Filtered water

Coffee and tea 

Hot chocolate and milo‚Äč


Assorted local seasonal fruit $10

per guest


Assorted club sandwiches $12.50

per guest. Please advise if you want a vegetarian or vegan option.


Assorted season fruits and club sandwiches $22.50

per guest. Please advise if you want a vegetarian or vegan option.


Baguette Roll $10

Baguette vegan roll with roasted vegetables on a bed of Lettuce, balsamic vinaigrette topped with cheddar cheese.

Vegan or non-vegan roll. Please choose.


Baguette Steak & Mushroom Roll $12

Vegan or non-vegan roll. Please choose.


Bruschetta $14

Tomato. Basil. Garlic. Olive oil


Ika Mata $19.50

Island style marinated raw fish. Citrus & fresh coconut cream

Pancakes $12.50

3 pancakes. Options: Uto or Tropical fruit compote. Whipped cream. Honey or maple syrup.


Sides $8.50 each

(PLUS Grilled Chicken or Local Game Fish to make a main $13.50)


Chopped Garden Salad

Roast sesame seed dressing.


Roast Vegetable Salad

Seasonal assortment


Island Fries

Local root vegetables. Sriracha Mayonaise.


Yoghurt $4



Soft drinks:

Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Sprite, Tonic Water $5 Ginger Beer $7.50


Small Sparkling Mineral Water $6.00

Large Sparkling Mineral Water $11.50

Fruit juice: $5.50

Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple, Tomato, Apple

Chilled nu (coconut): $5

Fruit smoothies: $8

Banana. Mango. Passionfruit. Pawpaw. Tropical

Frappe: $8

Iced Coffee. Iced Chocolate. Iced coffee and chocolate.

Add vanilla ice cream (will be left in the freezer): $3







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