Life's Short, Make Every Moment Count Your wedding isn't just a day; it's the beginning of a lifelong journey. Begin that journey in a place where every moment is a cherished memory, where love is celebrated with unparalleled passion, and where ordinary is simply not an option. At Rarotonga, we don't just host weddings; we craft experiences, etching moments into eternity. After all, life is too short for ordinary weddings. Embrace the extraordinary. Embrace Rarotonga.

Celebrate Love in Rarotonga: The Ultimate Paradise Guide

Rarotonga's Natural Altar

Garden Serenity: Immersed in the emerald embrace of lush tropical gardens, your vows echo in nature's tranquility.
Beachfront Bliss: Envision a sun-kissed aisle, a fragrant floral arch, and the symphony of waves - the perfect barefoot paradise for two souls to unite.
Unique Touches: From secluded intimate moments to grand entrances on warrior outrigger canoes to private islets, your dream wedding awaits in our little paradise.

The Magic of Rarotonga's Romance

Island Time: Slow down and let the island's allure rejuvenate your spirit. From sunlit beaches to starlit nights, every moment becomes a cherished memory.
Unearth Paradise: Dive into turquoise lagoons, explore mysterious caves, and trek through rainforests. Discover love anew amidst these breathtaking landscapes.

Making It Legal:
Sealing Your Love

Application: Personal presence is mandatory to apply for the marriage license at the Registrar of Marriages in the Cook Islands, a minimum of 3 days before the wedding.
Documentation: Arm yourself with your passport and birth certificate. Submit the "Notice of Intended Marriage" at the Registrar’s Office in Avarua.
Age Factor: A minimum age of 21 is mandatory. However, if you're below, parental consent in writing is essential.
Global Validity: Weddings in Cook Islands hold legal sanctity across the world. However, it's essential to note that same-sex marriages aren't recognized in the Cook Islands.

A Cook Islands Wedding Festival:
Immerse in the Island Fiesta

Adventure-filled Days: Indulge in the thrilling buggy jungle tours, getting mud-soaked, or venture into the neon twilight with disco-light paddle boarding.
Cultural Evenings: Experience the island's legacy with fancy island nights and sway to local string bands in open-air bars.
Serene Nights: From laid-back beach lounging to cruising under the stars, Rarotonga ensures your guests leave with memories for a lifetime.

Rarotonga isn't just a destination; it's a canvas where every couple paints their love story. Craft your unique narrative amidst its magical landscapes and vibrant culture. Celebrate love, celebrate Rarotonga.


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