Peace of Mind Guarantee

Peace of Mind Guarantee Kia Orana and welcome to the Kia Orana Villas family! Here, every wave that touches the shore whispers a promise – a promise of a carefree tropical getaway with memories to cherish forever. But, we also understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable. For this very reason, we've introduced the Kia Orana Villas Peace of Mind Guarantee. We don't just offer you a villa; we offer a home, a family, and a commitment. Your comfort and peace of mind are our utmost priority, and our cancellation policy, which is below, reflects just that. At Kia Orana Villas, the spirit of Rarotonga envelops you, and our friendly staff will always be by your side, ready to assist, ensuring your plans remain as sunny as our skies. So pack your bags, and leave your worries behind. The sands, seas, and smiles await you! Kia Orana and see you soon!

Kia Orana Villas Peace of Mind Guarantee


In the heart of the Cook Islands, the Kia Orana Villas awaits you with a sun-kissed embrace, one where every gust of wind carries tales of the ocean and every beam of sunlight spells warmth. Our ethos? Family. As part of the Kia Orana Villas family, we prioritize your comfort, ensuring your vacation is as breezy as the Rarotongan winds.

We recognise that sometimes, the tide of life might alter your journey. Unexpected events, unforeseen changes - we get it. That's precisely why we introduced our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

When you book your stay with us, you have the flexibility to cancel for any reason, up to 30 days before your booked arrival date. Rest assured, knowing that the essence of the Cook Islands – its tranquility and harmony – extends to our policies as well.

However, a gentle reminder: if cancelations occur within 30 days of your arrival, a refund isn't possible. In such scenarios, we recommend your travel insurance. If you haven’t secured one, consider investing in a policy to safeguard against unforeseeable disruptions.

For a deeper dive into the ebb and flow of our policies, including Privacy Policies, the shores of our website offer clarity. Venture to

So, why wait? Chart your course to Kia Orana Villas. Luxuriate in an ambiance that marries comfort, and tradition with convenience, all right here in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Our Kia Orana spirit eagerly anticipates your arrival, promising not just a stay, but an experience that’s truly worry-free.

Kia Orana and until our paths cross at Kia Orana Villas!

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